Traditional Amish Recipes Free Ebook

65 Tried and true Traditional Amish Recipes


Enjoy The Earth’s Bounty

If you’ve ever been to an Amish farmers market, you know it’s is unlike any other. Crisp golden apples, just-unearthed potatoes, fresh eggs, and baskets of tomatoes and garden-fresh greens are just a start. Since the Amish produce so much of their food themselves, recipes generally incorporate fresh ingredients straight from the garden, chicken coop, or orchard. Check out our best recipes, here.
Sweet corn, celery, beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, are just a few out of a wide variety of the vegetables the Amish plant. Amish may have fruit trees or grapevines on their property as well. Amish eat a lot of fresh foods in the growing and harvest months, and can large quantities of fruits and vegetables for the winter. Check out our best recipes, here.


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